The first year. 


I woke up today after only a couple of hours of sleep. That awful feeling in the pit of my stomach in full blast. I am having a really hard time coming to terms with the fact that my sons first birthday is only a few days away. 

For the longest time I’ve been convinced I would not make it this far. It feels so surreal to grasp that for 365 days or since the birth of my son I’ve been in the most horrendous depression of my life. I’ve made it through some excruciating days. Days where I had to keep forcing myself to choose to continue living.  Ive fought thoughts that no human being or new mother should ever have to wage war against (but many new moms sadly do) I still don’t understand what has happened to my life…or most importantly my brain. Why did this have to be my journey? It is so painful to have to come to terms with being robbed of a full year with my baby. Day after day has been a fight for me but yet, I’m still here. 

I pictured motherhood as this time of pure bliss. I thought seeing my baby would consume me with this intense love and happiness. That life would feel complete. I thought my fight with Hyperemesis was the end of my suffering  but once I went into labor I knew that just wasn’t the case. In my sons first year of life I have endured 5 hospitalizations, two stroke scares, an emergency appendectomy, one procedure, a two month intensive therapy program, session after session of trauma work, and a horrible debilitating mental illness. I think I’m having ptsd from having ptsd. I’m still afraid to be alone. I’m afraid of being around people I feel as if there’s a sign on my forehead that reads “this one is crazy, stay away”  I’m terrified of driving so I don’t. There’s still some days where I need to be distant from my baby but I can’t have him too far away from me because it hurts me. Physically and mentally hurts me. I still have days where I battle severe intrusive thoughts. Some days I feel a little normal I can manage to function ok I’m able to get ready and interact with my son. Others, getting out of bed is an uphill battle. That feeling of impeding doom still greets me every morning. I haven’t seen much progress in myself (though there has been some) and sometimes the guilt of that kicks my ass. The best way to describe the pain I’m in is to compare it to a third degree burn that life keeps pouring alcohol on. I feel that burning and pain in my mind and body almost every day, literally. I know now that there is no timeline for my healing. I have continue to chip away at my trauma and anxiety session after session. I know that years of abuse and neglect in my childhood really did affect me even though I never knew it until now. I know that if I had listened to those shitty voices in my head I would have missed my sons first laugh, first crawl, first tooth, and first walk.                                 Those moments are what I breathe and live for. 

Today, like any other day. I’ll make the choice. The choice to continue to breathe against all odds. The choice to believe that one day my nightmare will end. The choice to believe that I will be the mother I always dreamed of and have a bond with my son that is nothing short of amazing. I choose to believe that I am worthy but most importantly over my terrible pain and my irrational anxious thoughts….

I choose my son. 

Postpartum Care

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A change in scenery from previous posts. 
Let me begin by saying WOMEN are MAGICAL creatures

This is going to be a postpartum care 101. I’m highlighting the most important parts to me.

The shit I wish people would have warned me with. 

After birth.

First off, Your lady flower (vagina) is going to feel as if someone has released a village of fire ants on you. Peeing and walking are going to be SUPER unpleasant. For about, 6 weeks or so. More, if you tore. (That will involve stitching and lots of ice for you)                   

your first poo (bowel movement) after baby will feel as if you are giving birth to a pine cone through your butt. 

I am not exaggerating on that one.

You will be shedding blood at the rate of that one scene on the shining. You’ll be going through many pads and beautiful mesh underwear. (I personally bled for about 3 months) But everyone is different. Your body is going to feel as if you got hit by a bus. You can expect A lot of soreness and weakness. My back was where most of my pain resided. ….If your supply comes in or (lactation) your breasts are gonna swell up like balloons and be as hard as rocks. ( it seriously hurts) engorgment is TORTURE. Your baby might have the suction of a giant whale and twist the living daylights out of your nips. & someone might really have to help “milk” you. So your poor nipples may crack and bleed. Hot compress, tea bags, nipple shields, and nipple ointment will be your new best friends. Breastfeeding is a JOB all on its own. Sometimes it’s too much work  and that’s ok! 

Your human will survive on formula or breast. 

Your mind literally changes at birth. That’s a whole other subject I will touch on. Be patient. If you’re concerned with your emotions or thoughts seek help or a trusted person you can confide in. 

My advice for you. 

1) REST: you did a miraculous thing and a 6 week time span for healing is BS (according to new studies it takes around a year before your body is “recovered” )

2) ASK for help: it’s ok to need assistance with meals, cleaning, laundry, the baby, or emotional support. 

3) GIVE yourself time and love: Healing is solely based on time. Accept your new body and all that has changed. Yes, you’re allowed to cry about your losses. Loss of Freedom, loss of sleep, loss of your body, loss of yourself. Identity will be lost and regained ( I haven’t reached that yet.) 

4) mom guilt: as long as you and your baby are alive, fed, and cleaned. You are doing the best you can! So don’t buy into all the bs people try to feed you or compare yourself to someone’s else’s story. This one is yours to write! 

5) Babysitting: do not feel forced to allow people to watch your baby unless you are comfortable or need the help. If people try and step into your lane shut it down. You are mom that is your baby. No one else has the say but YOU. (Separation anxiety is real) same goes with visitors in your time and at your pace. There’s no rush!

6) Replenish: eat healthy foods consistently throughout the day drink PLENTY of water especially if you are BF. Vitamins. Supplements. Take iron if necessary. Probitotics to help balance you out. Do a zits bath, ice, perineal sprays, and ease into exercise and sex. 

7) Acceptance: please don’t do what I did and decide to get a pocket mirror to look at what was left of you after the atom bomb was dropped on your who haa. But if you get curious consider the fact that I warned you and that too, with time will heal itself. If not, there are things that can be done to help put it back together again to your liking 🙂 As for your body, don’t buy into having to be “fit mom” right away. Own those stretch marks and saggy tits. You earned em. Let your body relax and put itself back together before straining it. It deserves that much 

Remember this is your time to rest and relax. A happy mom will equal a happy baby. & You just can’t pour from an empty cup trust me, I’ve tried. 

Also, You got this! =)