jagged teeth


I’ve been triggered once again

Held captive by these thoughts in my head…

laying here in my bed

I keep trying to breathe but this pain is suffocating me

can someone please turn on the light?

I seemed to have lost sight,

Of brighter days and happiness

All I hold is emptiness

This glass between the world and I

It’s making me feel dead inside

I pray these images let me rest.

So I can stop being tormented by past regrets

This beast I fight is beating me

Is it him or I ?

I guess In time we will see

Those jagged teeth ripping into me

Laying here while inside, I bleed.

He thinks he’s won

That cocky beast

But he must not know, I don’t accept defeat.

So round and round the fighting goes.

But this girl won’t quit

Cause this girl has soul.